Natural Stone Carpets
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Is a Natural Stone Carpet Guaranteed?

Yes! The confidence in our own quality and recognizing the importance of optimum service for all customers of Natural Stone Carpets, is the reason we give a five year guarantee for our product. The increase of the guarantee period of three to five years is thanks to the continuing optimization of quality control within Natural Stone Carpets.

Are they cold or hard?

They are porous in nature, so naturally they are warm. In comparison to a timber floor, they have the same heat ratings. It’s a structured floor finish as apposed to a slab finish. And they are also very durable – they don’t mark easily and don’t chip.

How do they compare price wise to other floor finishes?

Well that really depends on what type of finishes you compare it against.
Our product is a high quality floor covering using natural stones, which is as warm and as durable as any hard wood floor or ceramic with the benefit of being seamless and anti dust resistant. If you calculate how much supply and fit will cost you with a hard wood floor or porcelain tile, you will soon realise that per square metre we are equally competitive.

How long will they last – will the colour fade?

Our floors can last a lifetime. No our coverings don’t fade. All our stones are pre-treated with a resin to ensure that sunlight or artificial light doesn’t in anyway, impact on them.
How easy are they to keep clean? Will dirt not get in to the pores?
After a natural stone carpet is laid, it is then covered with an epoxy sealer and left to dry for 24 hours. This sealer fills the pores thus ensuring no dirt, food or grime gets lodged between the pores.

To clean it, simply use a sweeping brush and a Hoover. It can also be shampooed like a conventional carpet.


Colour combination and the visual impact of a Natural Stone Carpet are in no way inferior to conventional carpeting – but that is where the comparison stops. For ease of cleaning, a Natural Stone Carpet wins hands down. The ‘secret’ behind effortless cleaning is in the use of epoxy, which prevents grime from penetrating into the material. With conventional carpets, of course, this remains a persistent problem

Routine Maintenance (Weekly)

  • Simply remove all debris and dust using a vacuum or brush in the area. In the case of mud or heavy soiling, first allow this to dry, and remove with a damp luke warm cloth.
  • In the case of liquid spills (juice, wine, sauces, etc), wipe the affected area with a damp luke warm cloth and then dry thoroughly.

Periodic Maintenance (Bi-Annualy)

  • Remove all loose debris and dust using a vacuum in the area to be washed.
  • Using appropriate equipment, wet wash the floor following our cleaning guidelines which you will receive after installation.

Water is often sufficient to obtain a good result. Cleaners that contain bleach should not be used as these may dull the surface finish. Harsh abrasives should be avoided. For more stubborn stains, Natural Stone Carpets has developed a very effective cleanser. This cleanser can be purchased from our offices.

Where do people usually lay them?

This covering compliments any interior situation. The only limitation is your imagination!

How is it sold?

After initial contact is made, we acquire the dimensions of the area and our consultation discusses price and colour combinations. It is recommended to visit our purpose built showrooms to view our extensive range. Once you have made your choice, we agree time frames.

When the applicators come out to lay the floor finish we would require clean and clear access. The applicators work over a 2-day period using stones in granular format, and laying it seamlessly with a trowel. After a 24 hour drying period a sealer is applied which needs a further 24 hours to dry.

How long does it take to fit?

In all – 48 hours

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