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 Home Flooring



Home flooring from Natural Stone Carpet gets its unique decorative character from individual, 2- to 3- millimeter natural river gravel. These stones are dredged from river beds throughout Europe. They are screened multiple times for size, shape and quality creating a mix that provides a balance for application, aesthetics and maintenance. The gravel can be dyed in over two hundred shades of colour and any colour can be achieved using the RAL system. These stones are then mixed on site with an epoxy resin and are subsequently processed by our Professional floor fitters into a level and seamless floor. We can mix any colour combinations or translate elegant designs from plans into a finished product.

Our Professional home flooring fitters are trained in-house and are experienced at working within your own home, just like any other tradesmen.

Since the ambient air lodges between the grains of your Natural Stone Carpet, your floor will always feel warm and comfortable. For example, in a room with a temperature of 20°C, a Natural Stone Carpet will have an average temperature of 14 to 15°C, which is very comfortable.

By installing a Natural Stone Carpet you will combine the appearance and warmth of a fabric floor covering with the practical cleaning possibilities of tiles.

With the purchase of a Natural Stone Carpet you will insure yourself with virtually a maintenance free home flooring.

Marble Stone Carpet

Marble Stone Carpet is an addition to the Natural Stone Carpet range. At first glance you would think it is a modern version of Terrazzo. The Natural properties of this floor are particularly beautiful – it is a very exclusive floor covering. This floor has warmth to it and it also adapts to the surrounding pleasant temperature. It is also ideal for use with under floor heating due to its structured nature.

The marble we use is sourced from North Italy in close proximity to the Alps. Marble Stone Carpets are created by grinding marble slabs down to the required size. The stone is then polished to remove any rough edges. These particles of Marble are then mixed with a resin to form the basis of the floor. You can choose from several standard colours which have been composed from the Natural Marble colours.

With the purchase of a Marble Stone Carpet you can be assured of a virtually maintenance free floor. Get a Quote Now for >>

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