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Industrial Flooring

 Industrial Flooring




Natural Stone Carpet’s coating systems are used for floors and walls and are applied in several layers, depending on the substrate, from aesthetically pleasing to extremely chemical-resistant applications.

The use of a coating system will make your walls easy to clean, resistant to chemicals or fluid-tight. Aesthetic properties of the product obviously play an important role as well.

The various ways of processing the product make it possible to fully adapt the character of the Industrial flooring to your personal requirements and preferences.

For example, floors can be given a terrazzo finish by scattering deco chips. Matt, satin and various degrees of non-skid finishes are available as well.


A 0.2 to 0.6 mm coating system is recommended for floors intended for light mechanical loads.
Depending on the actual application, a range of choices is available, from chemical-resistant to aesthetic coatings.

Coating systems are an easy way of giving your floor a dust-free, easy-to-clean and – if required – non-skid finish.

Self Levelling

Natural Stone Carpets cast floors are self-levelling floor systems composed of high-quality binding agent and inert fillers. The basic cast floor provides a smooth and polished finish in standard layers of approx. 1 mm and up. Natural Stone Carpets cast floor systems offer a fluid-tight finish.

In Industrial Flooring the various processing options make it possible to adapt the character of the floor to your personal preferences. For example, you can give the floor a terrazzo finish by scattering deco chips. Natural Stone Carpets cast floor systems are available in a high-gloss, matt or satin finish. Non-skid layers are also available.

Epoxy Self Levelling Floors

Thanks to its extreme resistance to mechanical wear and chemical stresses, this cast floor is popular as a wear-resistant and/or fluid-tight finish in heavy-duty environments. Specific applications include garage workshops, printers’ workshops, warehouses, DIY centres, production halls in the metal processing, chemical and food industries, storage sites for chemical waste, etc

Polyurethane Self Levelling Floors

The (adjustable) flexible and low-noise properties make this cast floor highly suitable for decorative applications in exhibition halls, foyers, kindergartens, classrooms, meeting rooms, hospitals and prisons, public spaces in utility buildings, etc. as well as for specific chemical loads. Natural Stone Carpets polyurethane floor systems are available in colourfast versions.

Troffel Floor

Natural Stone Carpets Troffel floors are composed of a carefully balanced sifted line of various quartz gradations and specific additives. The special composition combined with a high-grade solvent-free and nonylphenol-free binding agent results in an exceptionally durable floor finish that can cope with very high mechanical and chemical stresses. Natural Stone Carpets Troffel floors are available in compression strengths of up to 110 N/mm2.

Industrial Flooring thanks to their high wear-resistance, compression strength and dense structure Natural Stone Carpets Troffel floors are ideal for use in environments characterised by high mechanical loads and/or fluid loads.

Not surprisingly, because they combine high wear-resistance with aesthetic qualities, Natural Stone Carpets Troffel floors are also increasingly used for a decorate finish in shops, offices, canteens, restaurants, etc.

Fast Cure

We can now be of service to end users in no time at all – without the interference of any unpleasant odours.

Fast cure is UV-resistant, colourfast and can be walked on after only three hours. It is fully cured in 24 hours

Areas of application:

  • Industrial Flooring repairs to areas during operating hours
  • Renovation of care institutions with patients in residence
  • Industrial Flooring in kitchen renovations during operating hours or with only a very short delay in operations
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