Natural Stone Carpets Exterior range is functional and decorative. It offers an attractive natural gravel or marble finish to any area. All our aggregates are bound in a clear resin which has a number of advantages. It eliminates dragging loose stone to other areas in your premises. It offers the benefit that it stops weeds coming through the finish. It is low maintenance and non-slip.

Natural Stone Carpets Exterior finish offers a distinct advantage over other resin bound products in the market place, which is its flexibility. The resin is unique because it has the ability to expand and contract under extremes of temperature.

This means that the surface retains its integrity over a long period and is not susceptible to cracking.It must be applied to an existing stable substrate. The porous structure allows water to drain through to the substrate and run off to the nearest point of relief.

Natural Stone Carpets Exterior finish is ideal as a replacement for grilles around the base of tree trunks. Its porosity allows water to drain to the roots of the tree which helps sustain growth. The removal of grilles means that litter will not become trapped and prove unsightly. The base can be brushed and washed clean.


- Excellent adhesion to substrate
- Excellent load bearing properties- Flexibility in extremes of weather- Porous
- UV Stability

Colours and designs available

- Many natural aggregates from gravel to marble- Recycled aggregates can also be incorporated


- 10mm - 30mm (dependant on grain size)


- Pavements
- Patio areas
- Driveways
- Swimming pool surrounds- Roof terraces / Balconies- Tree pits

* TDS available on request