The natural properties of this floor are particularly beautiful, it is a very exclusive floor covering.

This floor has warmth to it and it adapts to the surrounding pleasant temperature.

It is also ideal for use with under floor heating due to its structured nature.

The Marble we use is sourced from the Northern region of Italy in close proximity to the Alps.

Marble Stone Carpets are created by grinding marble slabs down to the required size.

The stone is then polished to remove any rough edges.

The particles of Marble are then mixed with a resin to form the basis for your floor.

After 24 hours the floor is then sealed to create a low maintenance floor finish.

You can choose from 20 standard colours which have been composed from the Natural Marble colours.

With the purchase of a Marble Carpet you will insure yourself with a low maintenance floor that is seamless and aesthetically stunning.


- Solvent and V.O.C free
- High scratch resistance
- Colour-fast
- Excellent heat retention properties - Compatible with under floor heating

Colours and designs available

- 20 standard colours available - 100’s of possible combinations


- 6mm - 8mm


- Kitchen / Utility- Sitting Room
- Hallway
- Dining Room

- Bedroom
- Bathroom
- Virtually any interior situation

* TDS available on request